Restaurant Review: Sagra Trattoria & Bar

Calabrese vesuzio pizza at sagra

Calabrese vesuvio pizza

How has everyone’s week been? Most school kids in Texas are on spring break right now, and I am no exception. My week has been a fantastic blur of music, food, and friends! I hope yours is going just as well πŸ™‚

On Wednesday a friend from San Marcos dropped by to spend the day together. We started our evening at Happy Hour at Sagra Trattoria & Bar, a cute little fancy Italian restaurant nestled on San Antonio near 17th st. Their happy hour runs on Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 and features half priced pizzas and $2 off specialty drinks. To participate, you have to sit on the patio or at the bar. Since it was a relatively fine Texas afternoon, we sat on the front patio. What I saw of the inside was really cute– white walls, white table cloths and very tall black booths. It seemed very clean.

My friend, Adrienne, has food allergies, and the server was very accommodating of them– he even wrote them all down (she has quite a few) and would double check with the chef before serving us anything. He even helped us choose a wine to drink by giving us samples of a total of three different kinds before we chose. He was a great server! I am sorry I don’t remember his name!

To drink, we both went with a quartino (a “glass and a half,” recommended by our server) of white wine, which was poured into our glasses by their “wine specialist.” Apparently wine is very serious business to them.

Our meal started with some complimentary French bread and a white bean dip. I thought the bread was dry and the bean dip was sour– like there was too much wine in it. I didn’t eat much. Fortunately, the melted blue cheese and chocolate drizzled “bruschetta” we ordered was a much better appetizer.

blue cheese and chocolate bruschetta at sagraBlue cheese and chocolate bruschetta

Full priced at $11 and up, I thought the wood fired pizzas would be enough for two. They were more “personal” sized. I would think it was a total rip off a la fancy restaurant if not for the happy hour prices, which I was more than willing to pay. I went with the classic Margherita pizza (San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, basil) and Adrienne went with the Calabrese Vesuvio pizza (Spicy salami, mozzarella,capers, olives, peperoncini, tomato sauce, folded). All the pizza options sounds absolutely amazing, and our pizzas tasted wonderful, although I thought mine could have used a little more olive oil.

margherita pizza at sagraMargherita pizza

We ended our meal with a Pera Sfoigliatelle, a pear and cherry pastry served with vanilla gelato and covered in a caramel drizzle. It was to die for! The pastry was perfectly tender and flaky and yet not too sweet. I only wish they gave us more gelato.

pera sfoigliatelle at sagra

Pera sfoigliatelle

I don’t think it was just the wine going to my head– I had an absolutely lovely time at Sagra and recommend happy hour to everyone. And if you have the money, I’m sure their regular service is just as great. I will be back. πŸ™‚



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3 Responses to Restaurant Review: Sagra Trattoria & Bar

  1. I’ve been to that place a few times! I do think 1/2 off pizza is an excellent deal, but the food is just so-so for the normal prices. It’s an adorable location, though, and I like sitting on the patio.

  2. ps- i’m not sure what you look like and i don’t know if you know what i look like (But there’s a pic on my page)…but if you see me on campus you should definitely say hi!

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      If I see you I will definitely say hi! I have some pictures in my older posts if you were curious about what I looked like.

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