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Pad tyranny

Salad with experimental mac and cheese My gluten free experiment is going well enough. I’ve relapsed a couple times, with enough could-be-related side effects that reinforce my decision to give it up in the first place. Luckily I found this … Continue reading

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In.gredients Austin

I saw this video the other day on ReNest about a locally sourced, organic, and package free grocery store coming to East Austin this year. Check it out! Visit their website at  

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Trans Fats

I feel like I’m turning into some sort of food crusader. Well hopefully I can actually make a difference. Let me start out with some facts. Artificial trans fat significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.[1] Cardiovascular disease is the … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye

My dinner tonight was this lovely thrown together salad. I topped romaine lettuce with lemon-peppered chickpeas and half of an avocado and ate it with carrots and some potato salad I snagged from my parent’s house. Lately I’ve been traveling … Continue reading

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Spring Rolls

A couple of days ago I had the chance to enjoy lunch at my 선교사님’s (seonkyosanim, or missionary) house. We made our own spring rolls and had a variety of sides to round out the meal. Everything was light and … Continue reading

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[USDA] The USDA took a monumental step today when they revealed their new food pyramid, which actually isn’t a pyramid at all. Apparently this is the first step of a much larger movement in food education. The new MyPlate visual … Continue reading

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