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Food Comedy

Here are some food and diet related clips I’ve seen recently on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Enjoy! *EDIT* Well, it looks like I can’t put the actual clips on my site, but if you click the link … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Sagra Trattoria & Bar

Calabrese vesuvio pizza How has everyone’s week been? Most school kids in Texas are on spring break right now, and I am no exception. My week has been a fantastic blur of music, food, and friends! I hope yours is … Continue reading

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Kale Carbonara

I put a twist on the tasty carbonara (recipe here!) by adding blanched kale to the pasta in the final steps, along with a couple tablespoons of butter and a sprinkling of cayenne paper. I kept the egg out of … Continue reading

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Frozen Burritos

Now that the spring semester has started, I foresee many nights like the ones last Fall where I relied on Wendy’s to fuel me during all day study sessions (and periods of laziness). After a while, fast food really takes … Continue reading

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Kale, the woman’s vegetable

Kale is a type of cabbage related to collard greens, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. It may just be my new favorite vegetable, which isn’t surprising since I love broccoli and brussel sprouts so much. And it’s a good thing too- … Continue reading

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Ground Turkey vs. Beef; Kerbey Lane’s GF Pancakes

On Monday night, I made chili for the first time using my parents’ beautiful green dutch oven. I can’t even describe how gorgeous it is– I found myself smiling at it all Sunday night, just waiting until I could use … Continue reading

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P. Terry’s Burger Stand

Is this old news?? I recently tried P. Terry’s Burger Stand and fell in love! I’ve passed by the stand numerous times, but never cared to try it until I decided to check out their website. Check out their mission … Continue reading

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