P. Terry’s Burger Stand

Is this old news?? I recently tried P. Terry’s Burger Stand and fell in love! I’ve passed by the stand numerous times, but never cared to try it until I decided to check out their website.

Check out their mission

“The whole idea for opening a hamburger stand actually started as a reaction to reading the book Fast Food Nation. We were appalled by the direction the food service industry had taken. We decided that if we ever had the opportunity to start our own burger place, we’d do things the way they should be done. But it’s not just about the food. We wanted to change the way things are cooked, the ingredients, the way customers are treated, and the level of care given to employees.”

This Austin business serves up beef, chicken, and veggie burgers from locally (within TX) sourced meat and produce. They also have fries, milkshakes, and organic coffee from Ruta Maya, an Austin coffee company. And you better believe I’ve had every single one of these.

The burgers themselves aren’t as big as I’m used to (wow! an actual, reasonable portion size!) and the prices are quite affordable. While the chicken burger was kind of plain, it was not bad at all. And it’s a unique solution to those looking for a lower fat burger. The veggie burger tasted like straight up black beans, but the patty actually held its shape, unlike my experience at Terra Burger and Elevation burger, so another +1 there.

Now onto the more sinful part of the menu… the fries are amazing. Perfectly crispy with the skin on, adding texture and taste. And fiber? The milkshake was cloyingly sweet, but good to share. And the coffee… delishhh. I was especially delighted when the coffee came with a cup sleeve made from 100% recycled material. 🙂

I may just give up all other fast food (AKA Wendy’s) for P. Terry’s. However, it *is* still fast food. Just because it’s natural and local doesn’t mean it won’t give you a heart attack. Dine responsibly, my friends.

Have you ever eaten at P. Terry’s?

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2 Responses to P. Terry’s Burger Stand

  1. I have eaten at P. Terry’s and they make a pretty good burger, especially for fast food. I think my favorite however is Phil’s Ice House or Mighty Fine – have you tried those before?

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      I’ve never had Phil’s Ice House. TBH I’ve never even heard of it. I’ll have to check it out… I eat burgers way too often haha

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