YaYa Cafe & Shaved Ice

Pork & Eggroll Bun

When the Vietnamese craving struck me last Friday, I knew I wanted to try a new restaurant. In comes Yaya Cafe, which opened its doors not too long ago on Guadalupe and 38th street, next to Little Ceasar’s and Starbucks.

I have mixed feelings about YaYa Cafe. If I judged it solely on the food, I would come back again. The spring rolls were exceptionally delicious. The entrees were OK, but I don’t need much to fill my Vietnamese craving. The bun itself was lower than average. No onions, the eggrolls were soggy, and the pork overcharred. However, I really liked the broth with the pho. The shaved ice, a giant bowl of shaved ice doused in condensed milk and topped with fruit and (green tea!!!) ice cream, was a nice treat to share with my boy at the end of the meal.

Small Shaved Ice with Strawberries & Green Tea Ice Cream

Everything else tells me not to come back again. While the owner was quite friendly, the service was awful. After our orders were taken, we never saw the server again. We had to flag down another for water and order our dessert at the counter. When we got our dessert the server tried to take my drink– which I was not done with yet. Also, my bun wasn’t made with vermicelli. It was made with white noodles. Ruined the dish for me but luckily Navid didn’t mind, so I traded for his pho. Obviously there are quite a few inexperienced people working here.

The prices were a little higher than the other pho places I’ve been to. I wouldn’t have minded if the portion sizes were not also smaller than normal and they weren’t incredibly stingy with the meat.

Would I come back again? Yes, but I would avoid the bun like the plague. This place has the potential, it just needs the right people… and bigger portions. This is Texas, baby 😉

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4 Responses to YaYa Cafe & Shaved Ice

  1. alisaanne says:

    I recently noticed this place – it is close to where I live. I’ll have to go check it out. I’m always on the hunt for new restaurants – just started blogging about places here in town. Though I’m afraid my food choices aren’t always the healthiest 🙂

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      If you ever go be sure to let me know what you think. I do believe they are waiting to get their TABC license.

  2. I was dying to try this place, but didn’t get to before leaving town for winter break. I’ve read the reviews on yelp and had mixed feelings, too. I think I’d definitely go to try the shaved ice, but maybe get food somewhere else. I love when you do restaurant reviews!

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      Thank you so much Allison 🙂
      Yes, the shaved ice was pretty good. I haven’t seen anything like it around here. Be warned, the small is definitely enough to share with 3-4 people on its own.

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