Birthday Dinner

Woop! Wednesday was my 21st birthday! To celebrate, I had some friends meet me at Clay Pit for dinner before heading to sixth with some friends from work.

Even though I’ve never eaten there before, I chose Clay Pit because it has good reviews and I was craving Indian food. I’m basically always craving Indian food.

I had a reservation for 8 set up but when Wednesday came, I needed to add three more people. They said it was not a problem. I’m glad it was so easy.

After everyone arrived, the server waited a long time before finally taking our orders, but once that was done she was great. Other people came up and refilled our drinks constantly so noone was ever thirsty.

For an appetizer, I chose the coriander calamari. With the lemon and garlic-cilantro sauce, it was amazing. All of my friends loved it as well. They also had baskets of the cracker-like papadum with sweet and savory chutney dips. Papadum is made with a thin, spiced batter that’s cooked in a pan. It was tasty but we didn’t finish any of the baskets.

I chose kabuli chicken as my entree. The menu describes it as “boneless chicken cooked in our Korma sauce from the Curry House & infused with a paste made with pureéd nuts, raisins & cherries.” The chicken was perfectly cooked and the sauce was creamy and sweet. Overall I liked it but it was almost too sweet. It was served with basmati rice and we ordered naan to go with it. Naan is soo good. It’s fluffy and has a great texture and taste. If you’ve never had any, run out and buy some now! I love eating it warmed up as a simple snack. All the entrees and sides came in their own bowls and we were given an empty plate to eat off of. It made it easy to share food and I suppose so you can scoop up your entree with the naan, which is the traditional way of eating Indian food.

I was also given a complementary dessert for my birthday. A slice of mango cheesecake!

I had a great experience at Clay Pit and look forward to visiting again soon. They also offer a lunch buffet at a reasonable price which I will definitely check out soon. 🙂

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One Response to Birthday Dinner

  1. I’ve been dying to try clay pit. Some friends and I went on a Friday night without a reservation one time—BIGGG mistake. I’ll have to check it out again and actually EAT There!

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