Green and Crunchy

What’s green, crunchy, and delicious with anything?

Seaweed! I will be talking about the roasted and salted variety.

Since my mom is Korean, I’ve been eating seaweed since I was a little girl. I remember bringing the roasted and salted sheets into kindergarten for some cultural project and, not yet knowing the difference between salt and sugar, telling everyone it was covered in sugar! I must have been quite the cutie 😉

I still eat seaweed in the same ways I always did when I was young.

The simplest way to enjoy seaweed is by itself. It’s not very filling, but nice when I’m craving something salty or just want to munch on something. One serving of the algae has only 25 Calories but has 2 grams of protein, 100% of the RDA for iodine, 35% of the RDA for vitamin A, 20% of the RDA for vitamin C, and a small amount of calcium and iron. Kind of beats potato chips any day.

Kimbap (literally seaweed rice) was probably my favorite meal when I was young. Nothing is easier than eating chunks of sticky rice (cooked in a pressure cooker) wrapped in seaweed. Bonus points if you can do it with chopsticks! I still use my hands though… Nowadays kimbap is more of a snack but to beef it up I like to add lunch meat or avocado. Rice + avo + salty seaweed = DELICIOUS!

Now that I’m older, I mostly eat seaweed in egg rice, or my mom’s simplified version of bibimbap. This dish is perfect for when I’m short on time or short on groceries, because I almost always have the ingredients on hand. So, basically, this dish is perfect for any college student. OK.. any ASIAN college student.

Egg Rice
1 bowl rice (sticky is best but any kind will do)
1 egg (two if you’re really hungry!)
1 package roasted seaweed, cut or torn into pieces
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon (reduced sodium) soy sauce
Kimchi or sriracha sauce, to taste

Fry the egg ensuring maximum runny egg yolk amount. This is key! Then, simply mix everything together in a bowl and eat with a big spoon. Bask in the glow of cheap, easy, fast, relatively healthy, and mouthwatering goodness. 🙂

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One Response to Green and Crunchy

  1. Haha, I’m half Asian and I make stuff like this all the time. Super quick!

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