Pecan Street Festival

Hey, everyone!

Long time no talk :>

Did anyone go to the Old Pecan Street Festival this weekend? The arts and crafts festival occurs twice a year on 6th street. In addition to art vendors there is also lots of food and music!

I went with Alexis (my mentoree from BBBS) and had a blast walking around the cobblestone streets and checking out the cool art. We ended up getting matching rings. 🙂 The heat wasn’t so bad with free samples of Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet and some breaks in the shade.

I also got samples from Blue Star Farms (whose organic wheat crackers weren’t bad), Dagoba organic dark chocolate (pretty good), and my favorite, Healthy Indulgence (dark chocolate with vitamins and minerals in it). How cool is that?

The food vendors sold all types of food including corndogs and hamburgers, barbeque, greek gyros, kettle corn, kebabs, dumplings, pizza, and even stuffed crepes. My mouth was watering from the delicious smells coming from all the stands! I didn’t actually buy any food because I had already eaten.

I did get to taste some Texas Tea just as I was leaving. I tried the Poteet Strawberry White Tea flavor which had just enough sweetener and a light strawberry-esque flavor that wasn’t artificial. I found it super refreshing in the 100+ degree weather!

I am looking forward to going again in the Spring before it gets hot. And this time I’ll be sure NOT to eat beforehand.

If you’ve never gone before you should definitely check it out 🙂

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2 Responses to Pecan Street Festival

  1. there were free samples?! i had no idea. my friend and i went and to be honest i was miserably hot the whole time. i got a sausage on a stick and a coconut popsicle haha

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      yeah! i suppose i wandered into the right side street. i went on sunday too but that day i couldn’t stand the heat. i think the sorbet really helped

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