VERTS | Berlin-inspired Kebap

Verts brings a fresh face to campus dining with Döner Kebap, a popular German street food where fresh baked pita bread is stuffed with beef and lamb or chicken gyro, dressing, and veggies. You can also get a wrap or salad and they have potato based patties for the vegetarians.

The new local business already has two locations catering to UT students, one in the Dobie and one in the former Hot Slices location. Does it live up to the hype that Hot Slice once had?


I stopped by yesterday for dinner. The nice guy behind the counter gave me generous sized samples of the meat. Both options were so good I ended up getting a combination of the two in my kebap. I went with the pita bread for a more “authentic experience.” Of course I also asked for all the available veggies, and topped it off with the house sauce. With no drinks or sides, my grand total was $6.77.

It was almost too big and I spilled veggies on myself a couple times. It was kind of awkward to hold and bite too. But it was so, so good.


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One Response to VERTS | Berlin-inspired Kebap

  1. Cool. I just saw this place the other day and was wondering about it. I spent some time in Germany in high school and college as an exchange student, and the Doener Kebaps are near and dear to my heart. I’ll have to try this place – thanks for the write up!

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