Dolla Dolla Bar Y’all

Hey everyone!

Today was my first day of class for the fall semester at UT. Oh how I missed school! I’m actually looking forward to studying hard and seeing some positive results.

I'm rich!

In a typical fashion, I hit the snooze button at least three times this morning. Living close to campus is a luxury in that I can roll right out of bed and run to class if I want to. Weeellll I hit the snooze one too many times and had to skip breakfast at home. Instead I ate one of these Odwalla bars, which I snagged when they were on sale for a dollar, with a banana and some almonds. I don’t know how much they cost normally but even at a dollar each I feel like I am treating myself. 🙂 I never liked their juices, but these bars are so good.

Along with the new semester comes a lot of meal planning, so expect to see a lot of home cooking featured (salmon’s coming soon, I promise!). I wish I could review more places but man I am broke! That’s the college life for me!

Hope everyone is doing well~

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One Response to Dolla Dolla Bar Y’all

  1. A dollar per bar seems expensive to me, too. Haha. I’m glad to hear they are good, though. They are larger than most bars, so maybe I’ll check them out next time I’m in a pinch.

    Oh girl, I’ve been a victim of over-snoozing, too. It must stop!!!

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