Migas from Kerbey Lane Cafe

The other day I had this insane craving for restaurant migas, and luckily I had a Kerbey Lane Groupon waiting to be used. Or I could’ve used my Go Local card for 10% off M-F.

I probably should have just made it at home. Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t any better than what I could have made myself. I expected fresh veggies in it, but it was served with the same salsa that I got with the chips and salsa appetizer. The beans were plain and the Spanish rice was just downright oily.

As much as I love Kerbey Lane with its tattooed, pierced, and blue haired servers, its emphasis on local, in-season, and fair trade food, and its cool artwork and chill music, I just can’t eat there anymore. At any location.

The quality of food and service just keeps going downhill for me. At first I thought it was because I started visiting the UT location instead of the NW one I grew up on, but even the NW one had been giving me troubles before I moved out of the area.

I would still recommend KLC for any Austin first timer… and tell them to stick to the pancakes or sandwiches, what KLC does best. They have a large menu, and I think that could be part of their downfall.

R.I.P. Kerbey Lane as I knew it.

What’s your opinion on Kerbey Lane?
How do you like your migas?

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