Pad tyranny

Salad with experimental mac and cheese

My gluten free experiment is going well enough. I’ve relapsed a couple times, with enough could-be-related side effects that reinforce my decision to give it up in the first place. Luckily I found this awesome quinoa and corn blend pasta by Ancient Harvest, at HEB too. It only takes a few minutes to cook, it’s texture isn’t any different than normal like plain corn pasta, and it’s a complete protein to boot! So far I’ve made mac and cheese…with bacon… and a plain ol’ primavera with it. I love how versatile pasta is. 🙂

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Pad Thai

This video is hilarious! Well, hilarious that this guy went through all the effort to render this headache inducing, hard to understand hardxcore cooking video… If you want a metal vegan video that is actually hilarious, check out this video by Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking. Are you confused yet?

The first video made me crave Pad Thai, so I dragged N to Madam Mam’s. Out of the three Thai places closest to UT, I chose Madam Mam’s because it has the lowest price Pad Thai ($7.50). Their mint and basil spring rolls were gooood! But the Pad Thai…

I’ve had Pad Thai once in my life before, with chicken, and I liked it. This time I got the tofu Pad Thai. I don’t know if it’s this restaurant, or this one time, or simply the tofu version lacking that meaty character… but it was gross! And it’s not like they spent any time making the gooey blob appealing! I mean come on, just one sprig of something green would help.

What’s your favorite pasta dish?
Do you like Pad Thai?

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