Say Goodbye

My dinner tonight was this lovely thrown together salad. I topped romaine lettuce with lemon-peppered chickpeas and half of an avocado and ate it with carrots and some potato salad I snagged from my parent’s house. Lately I’ve been traveling back and forth between my place and theirs a lot, so my fridge has been severely neglected and I can’t really cook anything. I’m trying to get a guest post from one of my friends, so hopefully you’ll see an original recipe soon!

On a side note, I’ve decided to go gluten free for good. I’ve read a lot about the possible association between ulcerative colitis and celiac disease, but my past tries at going gluten free never lasted more than three days. It’s hard! Well, now I’m going blog-official.

I honestly believe my problem is likely to be gluten sensitivity because I’ve never had any flare-ups after common trigger foods, yet there is obviously some malabsorption still going on when I need ten to eleven hours of sleep to function.

This transition should be pretty easy for me. I’ve got down the best gluten free breads, which of my favorite cereals pass, and am already stocked up on corn and brown rice pasta from my past trials. I just hope that pancakes taste the same! In addition, I’m not going to be doing the pizza quest anymore (I kind of stopped anyway ever since Dominoes kept having those great specials).

If you’ve been diagnosed with IBD or even IBS I think you should definitely check if you have any food intolerances or sensitivities. Most mainstream doctors barely studied nutrition and may not realize how much diet actually affects us (like the acne and dairy link).

Wish me luck!

Any of you gluten free? Why did you decide to change your diet?

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One Response to Say Goodbye

  1. Esther Wu says:

    Hahaha alright as a Chef i’m going to say…”Are you nuts?” Gluten free? No way in hell will I be able to do that! I mean I was on the 21 day fast for church and yeah I felt really good because I lost a lot of weight but I had no “pleasure” in my food life! Hope this goes well for you and if you do have some good dishes do share with me =] Also i’m curious who this guest blogger is!! I’m excited!

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