Yogini in Training

[from the facebook page]

I just got back from a fire intro class at Sunstone Yoga at the Triangle and I’m in love! I got a sweet deal on living social for a month of unlimited classes and I am definitely going to take full advantage of it.

Sunstone offers hot yoga. The temperature inside the classroom for fire, their core class offering, is an almost unbearable 98.6 degrees. By the end of the class, everyone was shiny and dripping wet, but I was the only one with a beet red face! I used to get embarrassed by how red my face can get during physical activities, but fortunately it doesn’t bother me anymore. 🙂

I didn’t have to bring anything but myself and a water bottle, because they provide mats, towels, and even have purified water fountains. Love it. You can also take little packets of electrolyte supplements (very similar to Emergen-C) afterward to help replenish yourself.

The class itself was pretty easy. I loved how the instructor, Jennifer, was very clear with everything. At the beginning of class she went over the importance of staying hydrated + electrolyte’d (especially when doing hot yoga). She took her time explaining the basics before demonstrating the poses. I’d say we did about 15-20 poses total, ending with some relaxation exercises.

Even though the poses weren’t really challenging, I feel really great right now! It’s probably from the good sweating (good at at detoxifying) and the sweet, sweet A/C running in my apartment!

I’m looking forward for the second intro class on Thursday and diving into the rest of their offerings (water, wood, earth, & metal). If you want to try yoga, I say go and do it! Today was my first time and I don’t know why I waited so long.

Lucky for you, Sunstone is offering free classes on Memorial Day. They also have an intro offer of $10 for 10 days of yoga.

P.S. I’d leave the wallet in the car just in case, ’cause the place for you to leave your purse is on a shelf. There are no lockers.

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