Almost Done!

What a whirlwind of a week! It’s finals week right now and I have one down and two to go. I am sure everyone is feeling the stress so I know you don’t mind that I have been a little absent 🙂

Today I read two good blog posts about eating right during busy times of stress (by Gena at Choosing Raw) and how to help with procrastination (at Zen Habits). I highly recommend them both!

I don’t really have anything else to update, since as my recent facebook status put it, “right now my diet is basically coffee, ramen, and Wendy’s,” but I do want to share this meal I had last Friday with friends.

Gary's feast

My friend Gary likes to cook for people and he is really good at it! I wish I had even half of his talent and dedication to cooking (and generosity). He made us a vegetarian meal of salad with nuts and oranges, carrots sauteed in HOMEMADE BUTTER, potatoes and mushrooms au gratin, spinach lasagna, bread with more of that amazing butter, and even a nice drink with raspberry infused vodka. Freakin’ amazing!

It was nice to eat a good meal with friends and watch the Lakers getting owned by the Mavs. 🙂

Good luck on finals everyone!

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