I <3 Stubb’s

I am so glad classes are almost over! I have finals next week and have been studying like crazy. I got sick last week which put a damper on my activities for a while but I am back!

On Monday night I got to see Atmosphere at Stubb’s. They are touring with Sab the Artist, Grieves with Budo, and Blueprint for their new album the Family Sign. The show they all put on was amazing.

Damian and I at Stubb's, 2006

Thinking of all the concerts at Stubb’s brings back so many memories. My first show there was Death Cab for Cutie. I remember being upset because my friend’s mom (our chauffeur) made us leave early, as they were playing their best songs. I even went to a Panic at the Disco show once- I shudder to think of what made me want to do that. Then there’s OK GO with their super cute singer, Damian. I remember staring at his butt the whole concert and then getting a hug from him after the show ❤

Bar inside Stubb's

N and I decided to eat at the restaurant before the show started. The inside is pretty tiny, but looks quaint and rustic. I especially love the bar area with its pretty bottles, old spoke wheel, and antlers all over the ceiling. It kind of reinforces my desire for a giant steer skull in my living room…

N and I decided to split a minor plate (2 meats, 2 sides, $13.95) and split either a large salad (what I wanted) or chips and queso (his choice). We flipped a coin and N won, so we got the queso ($4.95). Other than some jalapenos, the queso was pretty standard. No complaints there.

My share of the minor plate

For the minor plate, I chose brisket and N chose chopped beef. We also got mashed potatoes with gravy and beans. I’ve never had brisket so tender in my life. I could barely pick it up with my fork before it fell apart, which made me surprised to find it a little dry. Slathering it with the famous Stubb’s sauce more than made up for it, though. No complaints about the sides. All together the meal was just what I’d expect from a good barbecue joint. Price is probably one of the only reasons I don’t eat at Stubb’s more often.

I use their sauce plenty though… like right now I have some Hawaiian barbecue chicken cooking in the crock pot for dinner tonight, with none other than the Stubb’s sauce. Even the poster used Stubb’s!

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One Response to I <3 Stubb’s

  1. Rakesh says:

    damn that looks so good. i miss good bbq so much! i like the flipping of the coin! henius

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