Earth Day!

Bulgogi Burger at Burger Tex 2

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Did anyone do anything special for Earth Day? I’ve heard of so many things going on, but nothing I was really up for. I was a little stressed out this week so today I’ve been indulging myself in lots of sleep, lots of TV (and the movie MYSTERY TEAM!), and foods I wouldn’t normally buy, like expensive burgers.

This burger came from Burger Tex 2, next to Buffalo Exchange on Guadalupe.

I ordered the bulgogi burger with fries and a drink from this Korean run restaurant, expecting to find a patty made of bulgogi-style marinated ground beef, but it was actually just bulgogi, which is made from strips of meat, on a hamburger bun. It was a pretty small amount too; it looked like barely 3 oz. While it was good, I don’t think it was worth some $7.00 plus tax, especially since I can easily make bulgogi at home. Unless you’ve never had bulgogi, I’d stick with the 6 oz burger which is about the same price.

Topping bar

I like their topping bar where you can add your own lettuce and ketchup and stuff. I piled on lettuce, onions, and tomatoes and a little bit of “homemade sauce,” which is basically mayonnaise with some chile sauce and maybe some sugar. It’s good. The fries too, seem battered and have the perfect amount of crunchiness. It’s probably bad that I preferred to dip my fries in the homemade sauce 😀

I’ve had a couple things I was hoping to post, but I lost my camera charger a while back and was unable to take pics, sorry! I found it recently, but in this last dish I made, I burned garlic for the first time :(I will try to come up with some actual HEALTHY posts soon 🙂

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