Movie Night

Last night N and I decided to have a movie night. Since the Blockbuster (BB) on Guadalupe went out of business we thought it’d be a good time to check out I Luv Video.


I Luv Video is a tiny shack in between Milto’s and EcoClean, but they have a surprisingly large selection, with unique sections such as cult, stoner, and Asian. Their new releases section is kind of small but they make up for it by having lots of cool movies and documentaries you can’t find at your neighborhood BB (if it hasn’t shut down yet). Since the place is small, I felt a little claustrophobic perusing the tall, close-together shelves. Some sections, like the documentary section, were hard to browse because there were so many movies. I just didn’t know where to start looking.

I figured rentals would be higher than at BB, but I was again surprised by the $2 for 4 day policy. We had to open a membership, but that only cost $2.50.

I bet the free beer on Tuesday’s helps keep customers coming back. They are also open later than BB was- til midnight on weekdays and til 3 am on weekends. I don’t know why we didn’t rent here in the first place.

I was craving some coconut ice cream so we stopped by Wheatsville and picked up some So Delicious ice cream sandwiches. They were on sale too! I like these because they are DELICIOUS and easier on the stomach (I have lactose intolerance tendencies) but I wish the “cookie” part wasn’t so sticky.


We rented Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. At first I thought, “Oh God, not another lame gore movie,” but N said I would like it. He was right. I should’ve known better than to doubt the Tarantino!

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