Non-Food Post

Hey guys!

I want to share with y’all some nifty products I’ve discovered recently.

But first, a shout out! Happy Birthday to my best friend Jessa! We have been friends since 1st grade (with some breaks in between where I put pickles in her locker, heh heh) but she moved away in 9th grade. We stayed in touch and visited each other often against all odds. Now she’s back in Austin and we go to UT together! How awesome is that?

I heart you forever girlllll 🙂


The first thing is a pair of utensils I won from Lauren at Fun, Fit, and Fabulous. Lauren is from Dallas and writes about about staying fit and eating well. You should check her out :). This is my first time winning a blog giveaway (or anything really, except for that time I got picked by Dowser Dan to go onstage and hold a jump rope in 2nd grade ) so I’m pretty happy about it, not to mention that these are some cool products.


I won a Healthy Steps pasta basket and serving ladle. These show you how big a serving size is so you are more careful of how much you eat. It’s no question that everywhere portion sizes are increasing. For example, at Outback Steakhouse the smallest steak you can get is 6 oz, but a serving size of meat is actually 3 oz. This works out for me and Jessa because we get to split the entree and just order extra sides to round it out 🙂 I actually went out to eat with Jessa and her mom Judy tonight at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and we employed this technique. We left a good tip though!

These products have turned out pretty useful because I cook spaghetti a lot. The pasta basket has a hole in the handle so you can measure out a serving of spaghetti or you can use the basket to measure out other types of pasta, and then cook the pasta right in it. Then I use the ladle, which shows the serving size for cream gravy, sauces and soups, to scoop out my sauce.


The second item is a deodorant stone. Back in January, I wrote a post stating my resolution to use more body- and environmentally-friendly products. In it I mentioned using a “deo stone” as an alternative to antiperspirant. Deo stones are chunks of alum salt, usually mined in Thailand, so they don’t have the aluminum and other ingredients that people don’t know the effects of. Instead of actually blocking sweat, these allow you to sweat freely but prevent the odor causing bacteria that feast on your sweat from forming. This works for me because I don’t have a problem with sweat seeping through my clothes, only general smelliness. I finally ran out of my regular deodorant and picked up a stone. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and it actually works! To put it on you moisten the crystal and rub it on your armpits. While this may be a little off-putting, you can also buy it in applicators and aqueous sprays to avoid that hippy feeling (yes, sometimes I feel like this, but then I remind myself that I’m WEARING deodorant, not going au natural).


The last item is the Zip It. If you watch Tosh.0 you might have seen it on his show. It’s like a pipe snake but it has extra pointy parts on it to ensure full grippage of whatever is blocking your drain. When I first moved into my apartment it had an awfully slow running sink in the bathroom. I tried the vinegar-baking soda method and used draino twice but neither helped! The only way to actually clear the blockage was to remove it physically, which the Zip It did. There was a grody wad of hair and some was even blond… I guess the person who lived here before me had blond hair! The package says to dispose after one use and don’t attempt to clean it or you’ll cut yourself on the sharp points… whatever. I say clean it (if it’s not too gross) because it’s actually pretty sturdy, and definitely not sharp.

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One Response to Non-Food Post

  1. Jenny says:

    ooo, i need to get a zip-it! that’s nice that you and your friend are back together again.

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