The Unhealthy Truth

At TEDxAustin last week, Robyn O’Brien gave a moving story of the beginning of her concern over the food industry, which was sparked by the allergic reaction of one of her children over breakfast. This begged the question, “what is in our food?”

Robyn goes on to show how the promise of higher profits trumps concern for the welfare of American citizens, something which is regulated against in many other modernized countries, including all European countries.

You can see her talk in the video below, which is 18 minutes long. She also touches the subjects of cancer, health care, and why organic food is so expensive.

Robyn has written a book called The Unhealthy Truth which looks very informative and has good reviews on Amazon. I am thinking about adding it to my book queue. If I read it I will be sure to let you know what I think about it.

I’ve rounded up some sites that may be of interest to those also concerned:

Against GMO’s:

Side effects of growth hormones in cattle:

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