Pizza Quest: East Side Pies

Dear Pizza Quest,

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for so long. Please don’t worry about me, I’ve still been filling myself up with plenty of pizza. Unfortunately they are of the franchise kind and unfit for mention. I have also been making delicious homemade pizzas (coming soon!!) so I could prolong the time before I go crazy from the lack of quality pizza in my life. Thankfully I got to visit you again and satiate my ever burning desire for your tasty bites… Until we meet again… ❤

I was able to satiate my desire for pizza with East Side Pies’ messy amazingness.

East Side Pies (ESP) has two locations, one on Airport and one on Rosewood. I stopped by the Rosewood location today to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner (it was 4 PM and I hadn’t eaten anything all day). It’s right next to a nifty looking record store called Trailer Space. I’d have loved to stop by but I didn’t have any extra time 😦

Judging by the pics on Yelp, I knew ESP was small, but I was not prepared for the small mass of bricks and paint they’re allowed to call a building. There’s only enough room for 3, maybe 4 people to stand inside and order food. They do have a small covered (seats ~15) patio though, and fortunately the weather had cooled off by the time I arrived.

The patio was simple and so was the decor- posters for bands and what not plastered on the back wall. It definitely carried the feel that ESP is run by music lovers (how fitting that it’s next to a record shop).

ESP’s clientele seems to have a lot of variation. While I was there, I saw a couple groups of school children that wandered by and grazed on slices of pizza, brownies, and soda, before leaving, with their noise and without their trash, back into yonder East Austin. Also present were a couple of college aged groups and a single businessman that looked lost.

You can order a variety of slices from ready made pizza, similar munchies likes garlic knots and “pockets,” as well as salad and brownies. Or you can order one of their specialty pies. I knew that’s what I wanted but was unsure of what kind– there are 33 different choices and they all had me salivating like a dog (well, not that much. Like a cat?)

Flyer for Johnson's Backyard Garden (an Austin C.S.A farm). Apparently they get some of their veggies there. How cool is that?

I ended up ordering a regular size half SMORS (sausage, mushroom, roasted onions, red pepper, and spinach) and half cheese. It took a good while to cook but definitely not as long as at Mellow Mushroom. The total was $17 even and I left a $2 tip.

The pizza itself is on a whole ‘nother level than Mellow Mushroom. Whereas MM had thick, fluffy dough, ESP’s is thin with a crunchy crust. I’d have liked for it to be a little thicker though, because you can’t just hold the pizza and eat it, you have to cradle it with two hands or else everything would fall off. Since the pizza was so thin the sauce was used sparingly- I could barely even taste it. But I could tell it didn’t taste like Ragu.

There was plenty of ooey, delicious, melted cheese, although half of it would end up on the plate or in my mouth without its bread counterpart. The SMORS half was amazing . Eating it is like playing duck duck goose but with flavors, like sweet veggie, savory veggie, salty juicy explosion of fatty sausage goodness, sweet veggie, savory veggie, etc.

I am definitely going to stop by again, although I’ll probably just get a slice (way more wallet friendly).

P.S. – make sure you recycle your pizza box! They have a little bin just for them. I think I just fell in love ❤

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3 Responses to Pizza Quest: East Side Pies

  1. Esther Wu says:

    Pizza for you and pizza for me when we get the chance to see each other again!

  2. YUM! That looks amazing!

  3. Rakesh says:

    god damnit! that looks too good

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