Juice Couture

Enjoying some juice on the balcony 🙂

I’m excited that the weather in Austin is starting to warm up for what seems like good. This opens up a whole realm of possible activities! The first one would be simply reading on a cozy blanket spread out on my balcony, listening to the sounds of the city.

Then, I’d take advantage of everything Austin has to offer. I haven’t done much relative to how much there is to do. By the time summer is over, I’d like to have

  • walked the whole Barton Creek greenbelt
  • swam at Barton Springs (can you believe I’ve never gone there?)
  • kayaked Town Lake
  • strolled through the Lady Bird Lake trail (ya know, instead of just visiting during Marley Fest)
  • played Frisbee golf
  • spelunked Airman’s cave
  • watched the sunset at Mt. Bonnel (done this several times but it never gets old)
  • taken my little brother to Zilker Park (like I was taken when I was young)
  • explore the rest of Mayfield Park (they have peacocks!!)
  • and maybe go camping again at Enchanted Rock (in Fredericksburg)

I need to find someone willing to get down and dirty with me! 😉

I ordered a Forest of the Sprites w/ Spinach

The perfect ending to a full day outside? Some fresh juice from the Daily Juice cafe. You can get smoothies and juices made from fruit and/or veggies. They’re also a great little shop that sells raw, vegan, or vegetarian good (like kale chips, cookies, and Baraka Bars, made BY the cafe) and other useful goodies (like hemp protein powder). I noticed they carried the fabulous Buddha’s Brew and a local tea (called Texas Tea, of course) I’d love to try in the near future. The whole place has that cool, earthy cafe atmosphere (think relaxed, hippy Starbucks?) that you’re bound to find in Austin.

Downside; it’s expensive! Probably won’t be ending very many of my activities with a juice.

Whats your fav outdoor Austin activity?
Do you juice?

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2 Responses to Juice Couture

  1. If I lived in Austin I would soooo go with you!! It is finally warming up here in Dallas as well and I am loving it!! That store sounds amazing. It’s my dream to one day own my own yoga studio with a healthy bakery attached! 🙂

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      that sounds so cool. when I was in high school i wanted to open a bakery/hookah shop. your idea sounds so much more feasible!

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