Austin Land & Cattle Company

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Austin Land and Cattle sits in an unassuming little building right at the intersection of 12th and Lamar.

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Don’t let its simple facade, confusing entrance (both my party and another thought the *real* entrance was on Lamar, but it’s actually the one under the black awning facing the parking lot), nor its lack of heel friendly tile (it offers *no* traction, I felt like I would slip any minute) deter you. This place is worthy of having Austin in its name.

You may be asking “Wait, I thought you were in college, how can you afford that?” Well, I was able to thanks to a Groupon from my dad. The deal was $50 worth of food for $25.

For an appetizer I ordered Shiner Bock battered mushrooms, served with homemade chipotle sauce for $8. The mushrooms were large and juicy with a thin, crunchy skin. The chipotle sauce was both creamy and spicy. For being the cheapest appetizer, I received more mushrooms than expected and definitely got my fill.

I can’t forget about the complimentary dinner rolls. Superb! The bread was warm, chewy, and downright delicious, especially when slathered with butter. I think I ate 3 of them just waiting for my meal.

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For my meal I ordered a 10 oz New York strip, medium rare, with broccoli instead of potatoes. The steak also came with sauteed spinach and julienned carrots. The dish was $34 and I was charged $3 extra for the broccoli (LAME).

I was happy to hear all the steak comes from Creekstone Farms in Kansas and is hormone and antibiotic free. The steak was amazing and super juicy with just the right amount of seasoning. I wish I could take a bath in the juice. (Maybe not. You think I’d get pimples from that?)

The vegetables were all perfectly cooked. There were no visible seasonings but each seemed to have a distinct taste. The broccoli tasted like it had cheddar cheese on top, but there was none. The spinach had a hint of something that wasn’t exactly salt and the carrots can only be described as delectable.

My date (none other than my adorable boyfriend) had the chicken fried sirloin steak with regular mashed potatoes for $18. His meal also came with sauteed spinach and julienned carrots. I don’t usually eat chicken fried steak so I don’t know how it’s supposed to be cooked, but I thought it was a little too well done. He thought it was great though. The mashed potatoes were also very satisfactory. I kept sneaking forkfuls from his plate because it was like eating the savory version of cotton candy.

I really wanted dessert but I was already stuffed to the brim (I was already taking home some of the appetizer, some rolls, and half of my meal) and our ticket was getting a little high. After taking off $50, the total came out to be about $18, plus a $13 tip.

Delicious? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Take your mate on a date here and they will definitely be impressed. I’m already craving more…

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