Eat your vegetables

Cornucopia in Austin is giving everyone one more reason to eat their vegetables. Although I’m not sure if popcorn counts, let alone chocolate covered popcorn. OK, fine. Cornucopia in Austin is giving everyone one more reason to eat dessert. And mid-afternoon snacks. And midnight munchies.

Ignore the fact that almost everything you eat has corn in some form or shape in it, because I can guarantee that you have never had popcorn with both spirulina and garlic on top.

Cornucopia, located on the Drag, has about 50 rotating flavors of popcorn. Some are seasoned, like cheddar jalapeno, Texas chili, or ranch; some are candied, like cinnamon toast, Longhorn mix, or snickerdoodle; and some are chocolate covered, like s’mores, Mexican hot chocolate, or birthday cake.

The business’s main selling points are tins and gift bags, good for gift giving or corporate events.

The first flavor I tried was Mexican hot chocolate. This popcorn was sweet with a hint of spice to it. Overall pretty good but so sweet that I could only eat small amounts at a time (my Boyfriend didn’t mind, but he’s afflicted with Ginormous Sweet Tooth).

With my Go Local card, I got a free kids bag, the size of which is akin to those snack packs of microwave popcorn. I got Green, that spirulina-garlic topped one I mentioned earlier. It’s salty with a light taste similar to nori. Like Mexican hot chocolate, it was so strong that I could only eat a bit at a time. And I had mad garlic breath afterward. You know, the kind that’s still there even when you brush your teeth a few times and use mouthwash. Mmm.

Although my experience doesn’t sound like the best, I will be coming back (and ordering more traditional flavors) for great, cheap birthday gifts 😀

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2 Responses to Eat your vegetables

  1. I first had Cornucopia popcorn about a month or so ago…and I was blown away by how delish it was! I didn’t know I’d get free munchies with my Go Local card though…I must make it over to The Drag soon. 🙂

    Especially since National Popcorn day is coming up on the 19th. [Don’t know why I know that…]

    • Sarah @ Eat Live Austin says:

      National Popcorn Day, eh? Sounds like a good excuse to rent the Bourne trilogy and hunker down with a gallon of popcorn 😀

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