Let’s Drink Some Bubbly

My first Polyvore creation

This is the ultra-fancy version of what I want to wear tomorrow. Instead of combat boots (which I don’t have, *cry cry*) I will be wearing some sexy stilletos. Please pray I don’t fall.

Now on to that bubbly I was talking about. No, I’m not talking about champagne. I’m talking about kombucha!

Kombucha is a tea that is fermented with yeast and bacteria. It’s basically the latest trend among health foodies, so if you’re not drinking it already, get to it!

No really, because aside from its addicting, tangy, naturally carbonated goodness, kombucha is a drink that can be beneficial to your health. Some positives to kombucha are:

  • chock full of antioxidants
  • source of B vitamins
  • source of probiotics

Kombucha may be especially beneficial for ulcerative colitis sufferers, compared to regular tea, because vitamin B is important for proper digestion and probiotics are recommended to help normalize the intestinal tract. But I wouldn’t drink it during a flare-up because of the carbonation!

Kombucha on tap at Whole Food's Juice bar

What brand do I recommend? None other than Austin’s own Buddha’s Brew. This version of kombucha is actually 5% juice, which tones down the sour taste of the tea (I actually found it too strong at first but found myself craving more within a few days).

You can buy Buddha’s Brew in bottles in select stores around town (check out the site to see which ones) or on tap at the juice bar inside both Whole Foods.

Flavors at Whole Foods on Sixth

I took the initiative to try some of the flavors at the Whole Foods on 6th for y’all!  The flavors they have available on tap are blueberry, honeydew, and raspberry.

Here’s the breakdown.

  • Blueberry has the mildest, sweetest flavor.
  • Honeydew is also very mild, but not as sweet
  • Raspberry is sour! For dedicated WarHeads eaters only. Except not really, because I got this flavor and I hate WarHeads.

Flavors can vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of fermenting the tea, so I do recommend you getting a sample first to find the flavor right for you.

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